belle and herb farm


I was delighted to visit Belle and Herbs Farm in the Rising Sun recently to meet Sam and Pan and their new kickstart employees, Sam, Elise, Thomas, and Rhiannon.

Belle and Herbs make gut friendly' fermented foods; krauts, pickles, kimchis, chilli sauces, vinegars, using traditional handmaking methods from fresh produce grown at the farm.  The young people are thriving in their new placement and are fully supported and mentored in their roles by Sam and Pan.

It was fantastic to see a new and prosperous business that is so committed to giving young people a chance of employment in an exciting and developing market.

Sam’s confidence in the ability of his Kickstart employees is an inspiration and I hope many more employers will follow his example to help young people on the first rung of their careers.

The Kickstart scheme was announced at the Summer Economic Statement on the 7th July 2020 as part of the government’s ‘Plan for Jobs’. The scheme aims to create high quality 6-month work