stop trophy hunting imports


New figures released today show that nearly 400 hunting trophies from endangered animals have been imported into Britain in recent years, as well as almost 1 ton of elephant tusks.

Mary is now calling on the Government to ban the import of hunting trophies.

Mary says “Trophy hunting has always been senseless cruelty.  Letting people kill wild animals because they think it is entertaining is wrong, especially when you’re talking about wildlife with such a vulnerable status”.

Eduardo Goncalves from the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting also praised Mary’s

Stand, he said “British trophy hunters are targeting endangered animals. They have killed literally hundreds of elephants, hippos, leopards and lions - and then brought back their body parts for show.

Mary is right to speak up for her constituents who clearly want to see an end to this.

Australia, France and the Netherlands have introduced import bans. We hope the U.K.

Government takes action before it is too late.”

More than 7.752.005.873 (billion) humans on Earth.
Two-thirds of all animal species are being wiped out.

100,000 elephants killed in the last 3 years. Too many species with once robust populations now reduced to a few thousand, a few hundred or even less. Humans are rapidly destroying the natural world in a blood-soaked pursuit of greed, false-power, ego, ignorance and stupidity.

We are witnessing The Great Animal Extinction, this animal holocaust caused entirely by soulless humans. Tigers, elephants, bears, rhinoceros, wolves, leopards, jaguars, cheetahs, gorillas, orangutans, so many bird species, sea life, are on the brink of extinction, and in a few years will be gone. The list is frighteningly long. Wild animals we love are being massacred at a terrifyingly rapid rate of destruction. Extinction is forever.


Natural habitat destruction, climate-change and greed are BIG problems, but the worst and most grotesque offenders are vile poachers and mentally diseased trophy hunters. These killers are an horrifying example of mental illness. Aided by slimy companies that profit from killing these beautiful creatures. These businesses & clubs are guilty of lobbying governments to let them break the law by importing exotic animals and their body parts and promoting death.
They must be stopped right NOW! It's nearly too late.

We must act right NOW or we will be living in a world devoid of nature. A dead planet.
There is no time left to save the Earth's great land, air and sea creatures.  Actions taken by organizations and individuals have helped but are not enough to stop the massacre. You sir, Mr. Secretary General, and we, must all act today, we must tip the balance for the animals! 

What will the world look like if you/we do nothing?