IPSA (the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority) have published a report on the mechanism used for the periodic updating of MPs’ salaries, following on from the statutory consultation they undertook last year. 
Last year IPSA left MP salaries unchanged in the light of the extraordinary economic conditions prevailing at that time. They are now consulting on an adjustment to the mechanism that should be used to determine future annual adjustments, rather than on what the amount of any such adjustment should be.
Also they have published their report on the consultation they held in March 2021 on their proposed response to the McCloud court case, in relation to MPs’ pensions.
They are proposing changes to the MPs’ pension scheme in the light of the McCloud case. They will develop more detailed proposals on which, provided the value for money test is met, they expect to consult further towards the end of this year.
You can respond to the consultation here. The consultation will close at 5pm on Thursday 19 August.