North Tyneside


The Borough of North Tyneside wards

Battle Hill, Benton, Camperdown, Howdon, Killingworth, Longbenton, Northumberland, Riverside, Wallsend, and Weetslade.

Battle Hill Ward - Labour
Councillors: Julie Cruddas, Carl Johnson and Steven Phillips

Benton Ward - Labour
Councillors: Peter Earley, Janet Hunter and Pat Oliver

Camperdown Ward - Labour
Councillors: Jim Allan and Janice Mole

Howdon Ward - Labour
Councillors; John Harrison, John Hunter and Maureen Madden

Killingworth - Labour
Councillors; Linda Darke, Gary Bell and Erin Parker-Leonard

Longbenton Ward - Labour
Councillors; Eddie Darke, Karen Clark and Joan Walker,

Northumberland Ward - Labour
Councillors; Trish Brady and Andy Newman

Riverside Ward - Labour
Councillors: Wendy Lott, Frank Lott and Bruce Pickard

Wallsend Ward - Labour
Councillors: Linda Bell, Gary Madden and Matthew Thirlaway

Weetslade Ward - Labour
Councillors: Joanne Cassidy, Muriel Green and Anthony McMullen

Elected mayor - Norma Redfearn CBE

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