Mary lends a hand to local wildlife

Mary has visited volunteers at Seaton Burn in Dudley to see the work Carillion is doing in partnership with the Northumberland Wildlife Trust.

Leading support services company Carillion has worked with the UK Wildlife Trusts for more than a decade, having donated over £300,000 to the Trusts nationally through its Natural Habitats Fund.

The company is holding its annual Sustainability Week to underline its position at the forefront of sustainable business and has undertaken a variety of activities both in the office and with local communities, with employees taking part in events across the country.

Today’s team of volunteers was tasked with creating amphibian habitat, clearing up litter along the river bank, and taking samples to assess the water quality to support the Wildlife Trust’s Living Waterways project, which aims to meet the requirements of the EU’s Water Framework Directive. The project, which is funded from 2012-2015 by the Environment Agency, is working to improve aquatic ecosystems, reduce the risk of flooding, and encourage community participation in looking after their local watercourses.

Emma Craig, Living Waterways Conservation Officer at Northumberland Wildlife Trust, said:

“The participation of companies such as Carillion is of enormous benefit to the project. Not only by helping with on the ground physical improvements, but also by raising awareness of issues associated with watercourses such as pollution. Our local rivers desperately need improving under the Water Framework Directive can only profit from days like today.”

Emma Gilbert, Sustainability Manager at Carillion added:

“Living Waterways is just one of the many projects we support through the Carillion Natural Habitats Fund and we are delighted to be here on site today as part of our Sustainability Week.  We actively encourage our staff to volunteer in local projects, giving them a real opportunity to see first hand the positive contribution Carillion makes.” 

Mary Glindon said:

“Investing in our local environment is something that should be on everyone’s agenda. With sites such as Seaton Burn right on our doorstep it is incredibly important that we protect and maintain these areas for local communities to enjoy. Companies like Carillion, who support their staff in undertaking projects like this, are setting an excellent example to ensure our waterways can be enjoyed now and in the future.”


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