Parliamentary voices unite for Religious Education

Cross-party support for boosting the quality of religious education in schools has been endorsed enthusiastically by a local MP.

North Tyneside MP Mary Glindon, who recently attended the first meeting of the All- Party Parliamentary Group on Religious Education, said: "public support for good religious education is high, it is seen as relevant and valued. This new cross-party group will enable parliamentarians to champion RE in schools, and to work with foreign parliamentarians to boost an often misunderstood subject a powerful voice."

Mary Glindon added: "Excluding the subject from the English Baccalaureate unintentionally deters pupils choosing RE but such study helps us better understand the modern world, philosophically and practically. You don't have to have faith to understand the importance of this subject.", an unintentional blow has been struck which will result in a drop in pupils choosing to study RE."



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