Supporting patients with Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria (CSU)

1st October was World Urticaria Day and I am delighted to be supporting the introduction of a new App that will help patients with Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria (CSU) manage their condition.  SymTrac™ HIVES is a free iPhone App that enables people to track the severity of symptoms and the impact on their life over time. The data recorded can be viewed in easy-to-read progress trackers and shared with healthcare professionals to enhance consultation time and support decision making. Funded by Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK Ltd and co-developed with a leading national charity, Allergy UK, SymTrac™ HIVES allows users to make the most of their vital consultation time by providing a clear picture of how their symptoms have changed since their last appointment.

About CSU

You may not be familiar with CSU but you may recognise the red, itchy hives, a form of rash that is also known as nettle-rash, wheals or welts. These hives appear without warning and to be classified as chronic, last at least six weeks and can suddenly reappear after having cleared.  CSU affects between 318,000 – 630,000 people in the UK; that is around 0.5 – 1% of the population, a similar number to those living with heart failure in the UK.  Women are twice as likely as men to be diagnosed and usually in their most productive years, aged 20-40.  The triggers for CSU are unknown making life unpredictable with far reaching effects such as sleep deprivation, depression and social isolation.  A recent report, The Wheals of Despair, revealed the devastating impact CSU has on people’s lives:

* a quarter had missed work once a month due to their symptoms
* 56% had no control over their symptoms
* 9 out of 10 had their sleep affected
* 46% were unable to take part in usual social activities.

The following links provide more information (contains link to the app)
 (the App store page for the app) (Novartis’ webpage on the app)


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