Mary meets Sports Agent

Mary Glindon, MP for North Tyneside, has recently met with Oliver Randall, Managing Director of Sports Agent UK, when she learnt how his company helps more people become involved in sport in her constituency.

This company has developed a network which automates links between the public and providers of sport. Anyone interested in sport can log on and simply click "follow", "try", "play" or "volunteer" on any of the sports pages to instantly become involved, whilst providers manage the demand from a back end console; providers are encouraged to offer an initial free sports taster session to the public to entice more people to try out more sports. Sports clubs can also log on to advertise their fixtures, events, training sessions and provide valuable information to their members and followers.

Mary says " I recently visited Sports Agent UK, a local business in my constituency and was impressed by what this small company had achieved. They have created an innovative website idea called where people can link up with external sports clubs by posting their details on the sport page of what they would like to get involved in. This is not only a benefit to those interested in sport but also to clubs and agents who can access the site to follow the progress and support those involved".

Oliver said "I have always participated in sport and I really believe there is a sport for everyone whether it is Football, Racketball, Karting or Orienteering and it is clear some sports are not as accessible as they should be, in fact to be honest in this day and age none of the sports are as accessible as they should be; We are used to a society where you can get instant results, but in most sport there is nothing instant about the way you approach a club to get involved. We have designed to make sport instantly accessible to the public, which we are launching through Schools, Colleges, Universities and major businesses in the North East. We are rolling out into as many sports providers/clubs as possible so they can manage the demand."

For further information, please access , or contact Oliver Randall on 0191 270 5190

(Photo Left to Right, Oliver Randall, Mary Glindon, Jonathan Riches)