Scout Community Week - coming to North Tyneside

· Taking place from 14-20 May next year

· Week will see Scouts across the country volunteer in local area

12 March 2012: The well-known "Bob a Job" Week of old is to relaunch as Scout Community Week this year after a seventeen year break and scouts in North Tyneside will be taking part.

Scout Community Week is taking place from 14-20 May this year across the UK and I am proud to support it, particularlyas scout groups in the North Tyneside area are heavily involved. Scout Community Week will see Scouts from across the UK taking part in an array of tasks and projects tomake a positive impact on the lives of local people. The Scout Association want your help in bringing these benefits toour community.

The Scout Association wantsyour suggestions for projects you think Scouts in our area could do to make a difference. This could be creating a garden for a hospital or care home, litter picking in a local park or making useful individual items such bird boxes or bike racks.

To submit your ideas please or for further information on this great initiative.


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