MPs Cycle from ‘Westminster to the European Parliament’ to Raise Money for The Poppy Factory

This week (Wednesday 7 – Thursday 8), the Industry and Parliament Trust (IPT) held a 24 hour charity cycle ride in the Houses of Parliament to raise money for The Poppy Factory.
The IPT were supported over the course of 24 hours with help from over 40 MPs, the Deputy Sergeant of Arms, Mr. Speaker, security officers and even the Military Wives. Participants were each invited to cycle for 10 minutes at a time, reaching a total of 280 miles; the equivalent to cycling from the Houses of Parliament in Westminster to the European Parliament in Brussels.
The Charity Cycle Ride followed an industry visit for MPs to The Poppy Factory in Richmond organised by The Industry and Parliament Trust, an educational charity dedicated to providing parliamentarians with a unique insight into UK business.  
Since 1922, The Poppy Factory (formerly the Disabled Society) has employed wounded, injured and sick ex-service personnel in its factory, and in recent years has expanded its work to facilitate employment of wounded, injured and sick ex-service men and women throughout the UK. The Richmond Factory itself employs 47 members of staff, who are responsible for the manufacture of poppies, wreaths and Remembrance crosses in the lead up to Remembrance Day.
The Poppy Factory today offers a comprehensive career support package to help wounded, injured and sick ex-Service men and women find and sustain civilian employment. It sources appropriate opportunities for work and seeks to help remove the barriers which might prevent ex-Service men and women from easily accessing the civilian workplace.
Melanie Waters, CEO, The Poppy Factory said, “Ex-Service men and women have a fantastic work ethic, are disciplined, trustworthy and used to performing within a team. Many have qualifications that are invaluable for companies today. However, an injury or delayed illness can shatter their lives. We want to help them regain their self-respect and confidence in order to earn a living, so that they can feel a valuable member of society again”

Nick Maher, CEO, Industry and Parliament Trust commented, “The Industry and Parliament Trust were privileged to be able to organise this event in Parliament and raise money and awareness for The Poppy Factory.It was a great effort by the MPs involved to get on the bike and help us cycle for the full 24 hours.”

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