MP Honours Pledge

During the General Election Campaign, Mary Glindon MP, pledged that, if she was elected, in North Tyneside, she would hold public meetings twice a year, to make herself fully accountable to her constituents.

Mary is now carry out that pledge and had organised the first two public meetings to take place on 10th and 11th December, in the north and south of her constituency of North Tyneside.

Mary Says, ‘Before the General Election Campaign, it was evident that many people had lost faith in politicians, especially in the wake of the expenses scandal, which is still rumbling on now. In my manifesto I made it clear that my ambition was only for North Tyneside, and that I wanted to be fully accountable to the people, in the most open and honest way. I felt that pledging to hold public meetings twice a year, to give a full account of what I had been doing on behalf of the constituents and being able to explain my expenses face to face, would help me build up an honest and open relationship with the people I have the honour, now to represent, in Westminster.”

“The idea of having two meetings in opposite ends of the Constituency is for the Constituents convenience. The first meeting will be on Friday 10th December, at 4pm, in the Oxford Centre, Longbenton and the other meeting will be at the new Police Headquarters, in Middle Engine Lane, at 1.30pm, on Saturday 11th December. Over 850 residents have been invited and I hope as many people as possible come along. I will talk about my first six months in Parliament and my caseworker will be there, if anyone has a problem they need me to take up on their behalf. “

These meetings will be followed up by another two in 6 months time and on a twice yearly basis for the duration of the Parliament.

Mary Glindon