Mary back Anthony Nolan campaign for more donors

Mary - "One in three transplant patients die within their a year of treatment and one in eight needing transplants do not find a donor." Mary backs a new campaign launched by Anthony Nolan, which runs the UK’s stem cell and bone marrow donor register, said: 'Selfless people donate their stem cells and bone marrow but the state can help by recruiting more donors, boosting scientific research and providing long-term care for patients.

In the next five years, over 11,000 people with blood cancer or a blood disorder will depend upon a stem cell transplant from a stranger.' Henny Braund, Chief Executive of Anthony Nolan, said: 'For people in need of a bone marrow or stem cell transplant, finding a matching donor is a potentially lifesaving milestone and usually their only hope of survival. Every day, selfless individuals give these patients a fighting chance by donating their stem cells. But heartbreakingly, for every two people who are alive a year after their transplant, there is one person who is not.

We need the government to act now to accelerate research into why some patients survive and others do not, so that the precious chance of life provided by the donor is not wasted. The odds are not good enough and we will not stop fighting until we reach our destination of a cure for everyone with blood cancer.'


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