I am very concerned by the rise in carbon monoxide incidents that are now being reported.  Please be aware of these few points, which will help keep you safe from carbon monoxide poisioning.

1. Generators can produce high levels of carbon monoxide (CO) very quickly. NEVER use a generator or petrol engine in enclosed spaces. Remember carbon monoxide KILLS.

2. Homes left without heating due to floods raises carbon monoxide poisoning risk due to faulty oil, wood, coal & gas burning appliances.

3. Check for damage around your home due to the floods and/or high winds flues, chimney's and/or air bricks may become blocked & lead to a build up of carbon monoxide.

4. Carbon monoxide becomes a major problem when a chimney or flue become partially or wholly blocked.

5. NEVER block vents to prevent draughts or stay to close to a poorly ventilated oil, wood, coal and gas fires.

6. NEVER warm-up a car in a garage even with the garage door open. In less than two minutes fumes can build to "lethal" concentrations.

7. Please spare a little time and visit the elderly/those who have no family. Please ask about their health & any extra symptoms they may have.

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