Mary backs campaign to Stop Elephant Slaughter

Calls for a UK ivory ban to help protect elephants from further slaughter for the illegal and inhumane ivory trade have been backed by Mary.

Mary, who attended a major event in theCommons which displayed tusks and parts of tusks from a herd of 30 elephants, said: "the poaching crisis is a stain on humanity and is pushing an iconic species to extinction. The UK wants to be a world leader in tackling the illegal wildlife trade and tough laws can end UK ivory markets once and for all. Time is running out for elephants and we must act now before it is too late."

Mary Glindon added: “Citizens can do their bit too. Animal welfare campaigners are urging people to donate ivory items for destruction to take the profit out of this bloody global market and say they have had a good response so far. Each ivory piece I saw represents a dead elephant, shot or poisoned for its tusks. Ivory surrender is a practical way for concerned citizens to show their disgust and help end this trade.”

Philip Mansbridge of the International Fund for Animal Welfare said: “There is clearly huge public momentum in the UK for an ivory ban. With elephant populations at an all-time low and the species facing extinction due to the ivory poaching crisis which is killing at least 20,000 elephants each year, it is fantastic to see so many people keen to give up their ivory. We thank everyone who has surrendered ivory as well as the huge number of politicians who are supporting the campaign for a UK ivory ban.”

Polling commissioned by IFAW reveals that the vast majority of the UK public want to protect elephants with a UK trade ban and do not wish to purchase ivory themselves. An overwhelming 95% of respondents polled by YouGov stated that they would not be interested in purchasing antique ivory. A YouGov survey of MPs also found 97% of MPs to be supportive of either a total ivory ban or a ban with some exemptions.

The legal ivory trade often provides a smokescreen for more illegal killing of elephants and by donating unwanted ivory, IFAW believes members of the public have made a positive contribution to elephant protection. A small number of ivory items will be retained for education and publicity purposes while the bulk of donations are being destroyed by the appropriate Government agency.

Although the ivory surrender is now officially closed, IFAW will still accept donations of ivory for destruction. Anyone wishing to donate ivory items can post them to: Campaigns Department, International Fund for Animal Welfare, 87-90 Albert Embankment, London, SE1 7UD. For queries or large items, email or call 020 7587 6700.

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