Mary Pledges Support for Arrhythmia Alliance

MP Pledges Support for Arrhythmia Alliance’s ‘Now is the Time’ Manifesto

About 250 people are likely any day to be struck down by sudden cardiac arrest but fewer than 20 will survive, according to North Tyneside MP Mary Glindon.

Mary Glindon, who has pledged to work with the Arrhythmia Alliance to raise awareness of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) as the UK's leading killer, said: 'In many other places across the world more than 100 of these people would survive. Death can happen in seconds and strike anyone, at any time, any age, without warning. Unless treated immediately by CPR and defibrillation this always leads to death within minutes.”

 Mary Glindon added: 'The Arrhythmia Alliance charity aims to persuade policy-makers to halve needless deaths in the next five years. They suggest more public defibrillators and encouraging bystanders to know what to do in an emergency. We can do more to save lives if we focus more effectively and catch up with other countries that stop needless sudden deaths.'

For further information about Arrhythmia Alliance or to view the Manifesto, please visit:

Arrhythmia Alliance
The Arrhythmia Alliance (A-A) is a coalition of charities, patient groups, patients, carers, medical groups and allied professionals representing thousands of individual members. Although these groups remain independent, they work together under the A-A umbrella to promote timely and effective diagnosis and treatment of arrhythmias. This unique coalition provides an integral information and support network for those affected by arrhythmias and it is a springboard for medical discussion and health service improvement.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA)
Sudden cardiac arrest is caused by an abnormal heart rhythm (e.g. ventricular tachycardia). There is rarely a warning and the patient always loses consciousness. SCA is not the same as a heart attack, although a person suffering a heart attack has an increased risk of SCA. A heart attack can be thought of as a problem with the plumbing of the heart, a SCA is a problem with the electrical system within the heart. A heart attack is caused by a blockage in an artery that supplies blood to the heart. The affected heart muscle then begins to die due to lack of oxygen. Symptoms include central ‘crushing’ chest pain, often radiating to arms and jaw. The patient usually remains awake and alert.

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