Compassion in World Farming

On 22 May, leading farm animal welfare charity Compassion in World Farming held a walk-in briefing session for Members of Parliament, in support of Compassion in World Farming’s End the Cage Age campaign.

The parliamentary event was in support of a petition calling on the Government to ban the use of cages for all farmed animals. Over 95,000 British citizens have already signed the petition started by Dragon’s Den star Deborah Meaden, which is open until September 2019. When it reaches 100,000 signatures, it will be considered for debate in Parliament.

Mary attended the session to show their support for a future where British farming is cage-free, and the United Kingdom leads the way globally in ensuring the highest possible levels of farm animal welfare.

Despite the obvious failings of this outdated technology, around 16 million farm animals are trapped in cages every year in the UK. Cages confine, restrict and thwart many of an animal’s natural instincts. They are inhumane, outdated and clearly detrimental to farm animal welfare.

After attending the briefing on 22 May, Mary said: Several countries across the EU have already  prohibited certain cages that are permitted in the UK; the UK must take a more ambitious approach to introducing higher welfare farming systems if it is not to be left behind. I am delighted to support the End the Cage Age campaign, which already has such widespread public support and call on the Government to deliver a cage-free future for British farming.”

James West, Compassion in World Farming’s Senior Policy Manager, said: “Cage systems are cruel and prevent so many essential natural behaviours. Yet, across the UK, millions of animals are confined in cages every year. This is despite a wealth of robust scientific evidence to demonstrate the suffering caused by ‘enriched’ cages for laying hens and farrowing crates for sows.

“The Government has stated on numerous occasions that the UK will be the global leader in farm animal welfare once we leave the EU. If it is serious about this ambition, it must embrace a cage-free future.”

The following letter has been sent to the Prime Minister by Jeremy Corbyn this morning.  It is clear that the Labour Leadership and negotiating team will be giving us further direction before the Withdrawal Agreement is brought back to Parliament, in the week beginning the 3rd of June.

I apologise that I have no further clarity on Labour’s position at present.



Help Change Local Children's Futures

We need more foster carers to help change local children’s futures for the better in the North East and nationwide, according to a Tyneside MP in welcoming Foster Care Fortnight.

Mary said: "We have several thousand foster children in the North East but we need more foster families for those who through no fault of their own need stability and love as they grow up. I am therefore urging people who think they have the right skills and experience to consider becoming foster carers by contacting the fostering service."

For The Urgent Attention of Constituents

Please take time to complete the following survey, by 17 May, as the proposed Clean Air Zone and associated charges will affect everyone in North Tyneside.

Many thanks for your emails outlining your concerns about Brexit.

As you will be aware, in 2017 I stood for re-election on a Labour Manifesto that promised to respect the result of the referendum and for a Brexit that would protect the economy, jobs, worker’s rights and our security.

Hundreds of constituents, on both sides have contacted me and they are united in wanting me to oppose the Prime Minister’s Withdrawal Deal.  Some would like to see a ‘no deal’ and others a second referendum.   What has become very clear is that few people have changed their mind, either way, and views have become more entrenched.  The depth of division is very worrying for the future of our communities.

I know, having heard first hand, from businesses, unions and public sector representatives, how damaging a ‘no deal’ would be for every sector and every person in this country and that is why it had to be rejected by Parliament.

With all of this in mind I gave careful consideration to the indicative votes and could not vote for the Beckett amendment because, as Jeremy Corbyn has said, it goes beyond Labour’s policy for seeking a second referendum, as agreed by Conference, and instructs this Parliament not to implement and ratify any withdrawal agreement and framework unless they have been approved by the people in a confirmatory public vote.

I did not vote against the amendment as it was a whipped vote.  But I could not vote for an amendment that did nothing to restore faith in democracy.  I know that, with opinions hardening, we must regain the confidence of the 59.5% of people in North Tyneside, who voted on the winning side in the Referendum and who are telling me that Labour is reneging on its Manifesto promise.

Today, Friday 29th March, together with my Labour colleagues I will be voting against the Prime Minister’s motion because the Withdrawal Agreement and the Political Declaration cannot be separated. That is what the PM has said before. It was what the EU has said. That was right then and remains the case now. Waving through the Withdrawal Agreement without any certainty over our future relationship with the EU is an unacceptable risk with jobs, rights and the economy.

Labour won’t take that risk. And we won’t leave the terms of our future relationship to be decided by the outcome of the Tory leadership contest.

The Prime Minister should drop her failed deal and allow time for Parliament to find a consensus on a different way forward that can protect jobs, rights and the economy.  This is what Labour must strive to achieve in coming weeks.

Yours sincerely


Mary pledges support as undercover investigation reveals magnitude of horrifying puppy smuggling trade

• Dogs Trust report finds underage puppies and heavily pregnant bitches forced to travel over 1000 miles across Europe and into the UK in sickening conditions

• Undercover investigation reveals corrupt vets providing falsified pet passports and fake vaccination stamps for underage puppies

• North Tyneside MP has pledged her support to stop this cruel trade

This week Mary Glindon MP attended a drop-in session hosted by Dogs Trust at the House of Commons where the charity was asking MPs to join its campaign to end the cruel practice of puppy smuggling. This follows a fourth undercover investigation launched by Dogs Trust last year, which exposed the magnitude and ease of trade routes into the UK for European smugglers and highlighted the significant opportunity the government has to redraw the UK’s pet travel rules [currently regulated by EU legislation] and end this cruel trade.

Dogs Trust has been investigating this problem since 2014 with its reports revealing shocking evidence of the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) being exploited by illegal puppy importers. The charity’s fourth report supplies further evidence of corrupt vets in Central and Eastern Europe falsifying documents for underage puppies to be brought into Great Britain; pregnant dogs being smuggled so their puppies can be born in the UK and lax border controls.

Dogs Trust has long been calling for changes to be introduced to put a stop to the continued and growing abuse of PETS and is asking MPs to support their call.

Mary said: “Dogs Trust has unveiled a horrendous trade that has been growing over the past few years and we now have the opportunity to make a positive change to stop this practice. I’ve been shocked by the findings of all four of the reports and am proud to support the case to bring an end to puppy smuggling with the introduction of tighter controls and the need for much stronger penalties to deter this horrific crime.”

To find out more visit

Mary helps open doors for guide dog owners this Christmas 

Picture shows Mary and Kate with guide dog Phoenix, a yellow lab/retriever cross.  

Three quarters of assistance dog owners say they have been barred from entering shops, gyms, campsites, places of worship, public transport, taxis, pubs and hotels although it is illegal, according to a North Tyneside MP.

Mary said; "The Guide Dogs charity alerted me to this discrimination that makes people feel like second class citizens and is also bad for business. I support their Access All Areas campaign to open all doors to guide dog owners this Christmas.”

James White, Senior Campaigns Manager at Guide Dogs, said:“It’s against the law for a business to close their doors to someone because of their assistance dog, but it’s still a daily concern for many guide dog owners going about their lives. When you rely on your guide dog to get around, leaving the dog outside is not an option. Businesses shouldn’t be allowed to make guide dog owners feel like second-class citizens. That’s why we’re calling for better enforcement of the law, and better staff training in some sectors to stop this discrimination from happening in the first place."

Bill Oddie backs Mary’s call for an Urgent Ban on Trophy Hunting Imports

New figures released today show that nearly 400 hunting trophies from endangered animals have been imported into Britain in recent years, as well as almost 1 ton of elephant tusks.

Mary is now calling on the Government to ban the import of hunting trophies.

Mary says “Trophy hunting has always been senseless cruelty.  Letting people kill wild animals because they think it is entertaining is wrong, especially when you’re talking about wildlife with such a vulnerable status”.

Eduardo Goncalves from the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting also praised Mary’s

Stand, he said “British trophy hunters are targeting endangered animals. They have killed literally hundreds of elephants, hippos, leopards and lions - and then brought back their body parts for show.

Mary is right to speak up for her constituents who clearly want to see an end to this.

Australia, France and the Netherlands have introduced import bans. We hope the U.K.

Government takes action before it is too late.”

Killingsworth Pub goes Back to its Roots with £480k Investment

Mary pictured with Punch Publicans Elaine and Stevie Spring

The Clousden Hill pub on Killingworth Road is returning to its original name of The Clousden Hill after a major investment by pub owners Punch Taverns.

The historic pub reopened on Friday 23rd November following the refurbishment which completely overhauled the pub to create a warm, welcoming and friendly place to enjoy good food, drink and entertainment.

This will be the second Punch pub for Publicans Elaine and Stevie Spring who also have the Bridge Inn nearby in Cramlington.

The new Publicans plan to host a ‘Buskers Night’ every Tuesday, pub quiz on Thursdays and once Sunday lunch finishes at 5pm the pub is open for ‘Social Sunday’ where customers can come to the pub to enjoy good company and conversation whilst listening to some easy listening music provided by well sourced entertainers.

Elaine commented: ‘’We’ve been looking for a second pub for a while and when Punch showed us their vision for the Clousden it was just to good to miss.

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Cyclists and motor bikers are the most endangered road users but we can all be bike smart and help keep those on two wheels safe, according to by Brake, the road safety charity.

North Tyneside MP Mary Glindon, who attended a parliamentary briefing in Road Safety week, said: "a third of all deaths and serious injuries in the North East concerns those on two wheels, who are 34 times more likely to be killed and 63 times more likely to be killed or seriously injured than car drivers."

Mrs Glindon added: " being 'bike smart' means educating two-wheel drivers to be more careful at junctions, encouraging car drivers to make space for bikes when overtaking and doing the ‘Dutch reach’, using the opposite hand to open a car door to help avoid car dooring incidents."

Joshua Harris, director of campaigns at Brake, said: "Every hour, a cyclist or motorcyclist is killed or seriously injured on a British road – each a tragedy that will devastate innumerable lives. We can all be more Bike Smart in the hope that we can put an end to the tragedy of death and serious injury on our roads. Rural roads, with their high speeds, blind bends and few cycle lanes, pose particular danger to those on two wheels, with the risk of a fatal rural road bike crash now at its highest since 2010. The Government’s announced focus on rural road user safety is welcome and we encourage the consideration of rural road speed and bike-safe infrastructure, such as segregated cycle lanes, in its plans."

Ten Minute Rule

Earlier this week, Mary attended an event in Parliament on Helen Goodman’s Ten-Minute Rule Bill - the Freehold Properties (Management Charges and Shared Facilities) Bill.

 This Bill will look to address the issue of ‘fleecehold’ estate fees – “new build tax”– which primarily affect freeholders on private housing developments.

Communal spaces on an estate, such as grass verges, playgrounds, and areas planted with trees and shrubberies, are retained by developers instead of being handed over to the local authority. Property companies then either charge residents directly for maintenance, or sell on the contract to a property management company who collect these fees.

Although estate fees are often included as covenants in the transfer deeds on many freehold properties, many homeowners don’t know they exist until a bill arrives. This practice is currently unregulated, and is the latest cash cow for property companies. There is no cap on fees and management companies are under no obligation to account to homeowners for work carried out or costs incurred. Often, residents find themselves trapped on poorly maintained estates, paying hundreds of pounds a year, with no way to hold the company to account. Unlike leaseholders, who have access to a dedicated ombudsman service, freeholders facing estate maintenance fees have no legal recourse in the event of a dispute. This issue affects around 1.3 million people in this country.

This Bill would therefore make provision for the regulation of these fees and the self-management of shared facilities by such freeholders. It would also make provision to require management companies to ensure shared facilities are of a suitable standard, amongst other related things.



‘Breaking Point’ campaign exposes the crisis in council finances after £16bn in cuts since 2010 - and warns more councils may follow Northamptonshire into bankruptcy.

Mary has this week met with the organisers of the Breaking Point campaign to call for a real end to austerity for local councils. Tory cuts to local government of over £16 billion since 2010 mean councils have lost 60p out of every £1 that the last Labour Government was spending on local government in 2010. After almost a decade of Tory cuts to local government many councils are now facing a crisis in funding – Northamptonshire has already gone bust, and many others are now facing bankruptcy.

The ‘Breaking Point’ petition is the most-signed petition of Labour councillors ever – with over 5,000 Labour councillors calling on the Prime Minister and Chancellor to cancel the further planned £1.3bn cut to councils, and to provide an immediate cash injection to stop children's services and adult social care from collapsing. It has been signed by almost every Labour councillor in North Tyneside and has now been handed in to 10 Downing Street ahead of the Budget on 29thOctober.

Mary said

“The Breaking Point campaign has my total support. Labour councillors have come together in unprecedented numbers to send a clear warning to the Prime Minister and Chancellor that austerity is driving councils to the point of total collapse.

“I’m joining with Labour councillors to deliver a powerful message to the Prime Minister and Chancellor that councils simply cannot take any more cuts. The next Labour Government will sustainably fund our councils and put an end to this crisis. If the Budget doesn’t reverse the further cuts planned to local government for next year then there is no doubt that more councils will collapse into bankruptcy, causing devastating effects for children at risk, disabled adults, and vulnerable older people.”

Cllr Nick Forbes, Leader of the LGA Labour Group said:

“We’re delighted that Mary is backing the ‘Breaking Point’ campaign. A record number of Labour councillors have signed the Breaking Point petition in less than two weeks – which shows the depth of anger and concern at the state of council finances. If the Prime Minister‘s claim that ‘austerity is over’ is to have any credibility, she simply must find the money we need to stop vital services from disintegrating.”

Coffee with a purpose was on the agenda recently when Mary attended the Macmillan coffee morning in The Forum, at Wallsend.

Mary said: "Macmillan does sterling work for many with cancer and their families and friends. Their coffee day last month raised funds and brought together many thousands of people.

I was very happy to raise a mug to help them continue their vital work."

For further information, please visit:

MPs wear it pink for charity fundraiser

Mary  poses in pink at Houses of Parliament to support Breast Cancer Now’s flagship fundraiser wear it pink


Mary added a splash of pink to her usual attire to support Breast Cancer Now’s wear it pink fundraiser, which will take place on Friday 19 October to raise money for vital breast cancer research.

Mary was joined by over 200 other parliamentarians in Westminster earlier this month, all encouraging people across the UK to take part on wear it pink day and raise money for Breast Cancer Now.

Mary is calling for her constituents in North Tyneside to join her, as well as thousands of others across the UK to sign up and take part in wear it pink which takes place during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and to date has raised over £31million towards Breast Cancer Now’s important work.

Anyone can take part in wear it pink, whether at work, school or in your community. All you need to do is wear something pink, or hold a pink themed event, and donate to Breast Cancer Now. With every penny raised, fundraisers across the UK will be helping the charity achieve its aim that, if we all act now, by 2050 everyone who develops breast cancer will live, and live well.

Mary MP continues her support by joining over 290 MPs across the country as a Breast Cancer Now Ambassador, advocating breast cancer issues and support for the charity’s research both in North Tyneside and nationally.

Mary said:

“Breast cancer is still the most common form of cancer in the UK. Each year around 11,500 women and 80 men lose their lives to the disease. That’s why I’m so passionate about encouraging everyone in my constituency to take part in wear it pink day on Friday 19 October.  

“Wear it pink is great way to come together with friends and family to have fun whilst raising money for Breast Cancer Now’s vital research. As you can see from my photograph, all it takes is an additional splash of pink to your normal outfit!

“As a Breast Cancer Now Ambassador I am proud to raise awareness of the impact of the disease locally, and to support and advocate for Breast Cancer Now’s research. Breast cancer affects so many people so I hope that everybody in North Tyneside will get involved this October and support this very important cause.”

Joining the politicians at Westminster was Donna Fraser, four-time Olympian for Great Britain. Donna, 45, retired from participating in professional athletics after she was diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2009, aged just 36.

Donna Fraser, who is now Equality, Diversity and Engagement Lead at UK Athletics, said:

I’m delighted to be supporting wear it pink this year – it is a fun and fabulous fundraising event which brings families, friends and work colleagues together to help fund research into this devastating disease. 

“Breast cancer awareness and raising funds for research is hugely important to me - there are too many women being diagnosed with breast cancer, and sadly too many women still lose their lives each year. This cause is very close to my heart, and as someone who has personally been through breast cancer, I know the just how important it is to raise money for research, to help reach a day where nobody dies from breast cancer. For me, that day can’t come soon enough.” _______________________________________________________

Make Your Mark

Young people can now take part in the UK Youth Parliament’s ‘Make Your Mark’ campaign, the UK’s largest survey of young people’s views. Young people aged 11-18 are invited to take part in the ballot to shortlist what isdebated in the House of Commons by Members of Youth Parliament later this year.

The annual ballot, which has taken place since 2011, contains 10 policies voted for by Members of Youth Parliament including ending period poverty, mental health in schools, tackling homelessness and adapting the curriculum. 

The campaign will see Members of Youth Parliament and volunteers across the country, invite young people in schools and youth groups to take this opportunity to have their say and to inform and influence the Government and decision makers in their communities. 

This year’s campaign, which is supported by the British Youth Council, is expected to reach hundreds of thousands of young people from across the UK. Last year, a total of 954,766 young people from every corner of the country took part.

Make Blood Cancer Visible

Blood cancers like leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma strike about 100 people a day and are the third most common cause of cancer deaths with four lost lives per day, according to Mary.

Mary said: "One problem is widespread ignorance about this, which is why September has been designated as is Blood Cancer Awareness Month. The blood cancer research charity Bloodwise organised a useful briefing at the Commons where MPs spoke to patients about their experiences. It's important that we raise the profile of blood cancers to make sure policy makers improve diagnosis and care." 

Mary added: " Blood cancer is also the most common type of cancer in children, teenagers and young people. I back a variety of charities such as Bloodwise because their efforts will one day, I hope, help to entirely eliminate the scourge of cancer. In the meantime, they can provide help to allow people to live their lives to the full." ______________________________________________________

Digital Inclusion Project

Mary recently visited the Digital Inclusion Project based within Disability North when she met with Beatrix Groves-McDaniel, Project Organiser.

This is a great project that helps and advises older people, and people with disabilities, how to use computers and the internet in a relaxed, friendly environment.

You can choose from a simple drop-in session, group training or a more detailed one-to-one training session.

Mary said “as more and more people use the internet for both professional and leisure purposes, this project can help and support you to get online, access the internet, and generally improve your computer skills, from using email to filling in forms or just keeping in touch with social media”.

Bea said "I was delighted that Mary Glindon MP visited the Digital North Project at the Dene Centre. I am one of Mary's constituents in North Tyneside, and I was very proud that she took an interest (and time out of her schedule) to chat to me about my work in digital inclusion. Such visits are the encouragement we need to keep on 'fighting-the-good-fight' in solidarity with disabled people." 

For more information, contact: Beatrix Groves-McDaniel
Tel: 0191 284 0480 Text: 18001 0191 284 0480

Mary Joins Mencap in Celebrating Learning Disability Week

Mary joins Mencap in celebrating Learning Disability Week and backs Treat me well campaign for better healthcare for people with a learning disability

Mary is backing the Treat me well campaign from Royal Mencap Society to improve healthcare for people with a learning disability.

Attending Mencap’s Learning Disability Week reception in Parliament on Monday 18th June, Mary spoke with people with a learning disability about the challenges they face when visiting their doctor or a hospital. Care Minister Caroline Dinenage MP and Shadow Minister Barbara Keeley MP also spoke about the need to tackle this healthcare inequality now.

Mencap reports that three people with a learning disability die avoidably every day. That is to say their deaths would be avoided by improving the quality of healthcare for people with a learning disability.

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Mary urges constituents and government to do more on Clean Air Day for heart health

This Clean Air Day, Mary is encouraging their constituents to help improve air quality for all by ditching their cars and getting active.

 Constituents in North Tyneside are encouraged to cycle or walk when they can. This will limit their pollution contribution but also protect their heart health, as air pollution levels can be significantly higher inside a car.

 As well as encouraging individual action, Mary Glindon MP is also calling for national action to make the UK’s air safe to breathe, especially for their constituents with heart and circulatory conditions whose health is at increased risk from air pollution.

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Wallsend’s great industrial past, present, and future has been captured in its new Chamber of Trade and Commerce's logo,  a powerful blue ocean liner on a white background, a "quintessentially Wallsend" image designed by Joe Fletcher from Tyne Metropolitan College.

The new Chamber is composed of fifty plus businesses and public bodies and hopes to ride the tide of business development in Wallsend, including over £100m planned for the former Swan Hunter shipyard site.

 The Chamber was launched at Segedunum World Heritage site where North Tyneside MP Mary Glindon said: "the logo perfectly captures our glory days but they are not all behind us. The Chamber can fly the flag for business as they navigate new opportunities for common benefit."

The Mayor Mrs Norma Redfearn told attendees at the launch: “Wallsend has much to be proud of in its past and much to look forward to in the future – much progress has been made already.

“It is wonderful that the chamber plans to work with schools, colleges, the local authority and the third sector to give the town a clear and distinctive voice.

“The establishment of the chamber gives business and other members a valuable platform for growth.”

David Bavaird, Chair of the North Tyneside Business Forum said the new Chamber came at an important time for North Tyneside, which includes a

30 per cent jump in established businesses and a 71 per cent increase in self-employment since 2011.

Mr Bavaird also highlighted £7m invested in improving parks, and how private sector backing has supported the success of the Forum Shopping Centre and Town Hall Business Centre.

Other notable developments include an expected 400,000 visitors this year to the Wallsend Customer First Centre, and a large fall in unemployment.

Mr Bavaird, who is also a governor at Queen Alexandra Sixth Form College, added: “The chamber will quickly become an important part of the business community.

 “A strong business voice is critical for economic prosperity and employment and Wallsend and North Tyneside already have much to celebrate.

 “Working with other chambers, it will give the Wallsend business community a clear and distinct voice.

 “It will be able to speak up on important issues, and without the chamber, the Wallsend voice would not be so loud.

 “The chamber has a great leadership team which will work with schools and the local authority to see Wallsend continue to grow and be an ever better place to live, work and visit.”

 Kevin Stephenson, founder of Experts in Business Limited, added: “The chamber will provide a real opportunity to support businesses in Wallsend and to help them grow and reach their full potential.

 “It will provide a strong voice for the business community to pursue its aims and ambitions while also being a platform of support and advice to members.

 “It has come about at exactly the right moment and I am very pleased and excited to be leading it at this exciting time for the town.”

Mary dodges pavement parked cars in Parliament

Many streets are dangerous obstacle courses to pedestrians and cause severe problems for the blind and partially sighted due to pavement parking, according to the charity Guide Dogs.

North Tyneside MP Mary Glindon said: "Guide Dogs set up a realistic and sadly all too typical street scene in Parliament. We saw how people dodged a pavement parked car, stumbled across street clutter, and a 'shared space' area without safety features such as kerbs and pedestrian crossings. Guide dog owners told us that dealing with these obstacles can leave them scared and reluctant to go out."

Mrs Glindon added: "a survey shows that nearly all blind and partially sighted people have encountered obstacles on the pavement, mainly cars blocking pavements. This forces pedestrians into the road and into oncoming traffic and that especially endangers people with vision impairments, parents with pushchairs, and wheelchair users.

Guide Dogs is campaigning for a law to make pavement parking an offence, except on streets where councils agree that it is safe for pedestrians. This is already the case in London, but elsewhere across the country, councils struggle to tackle unsafe pavement parking.

James White, Senior Campaigns Manager at Guide Dogs, commented: “Too often, our streets can be cluttered with dangerous obstacles for blind and partially sighted people.

The worst offenders are cars parked on the pavement. If you have a vision impairment, pavement parked cars aren’t just a nuisance, they can force you to step out into the road and put you in real danger.

Outside London, the law on pavement parking is unclear and difficult to enforce. We want pavement parking to be the exception so pedestrians can rely on their path being clear. When drivers themselves don’t know the rules, that is a strong sign the law needs to change.

Back in 2015, the Government committed to look into every option to tackle this serious problem. We hope that they will now follow up with a new law on pavement parking.”

Mary backs Cross Party Report

Delays and cancellations in optical treatment are needlessly costing people their eyesight according to MPs and the Royal National Institute of Blind People

North Tyneside MP Mary Glindon, who backs a cross-party report detailing practical reforms to close the gap, said: "the problem is that ophthalmology appointments have soared by more than 10% in recent years and the system is not keeping up with demand. The government and health authorities need to make urgent adjustments to ensure people don't lose their sight through long waiting times, lack of continuity in their care, and poor communications from clinics.

The RNIB says someone in the UK begins to lose their sight every six
minutes and runs a Helpline on 0303 123 9999 or visit

Mary Celebrates the Royal Wedding

Mary was kindly invited to Percy Main Primary School to celebrate the Royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Mary said “it was such a pleasure to come along to this fantastic primary school and share in the celebrations with the children and teachers.  It was such a happy occasion, and the children had dressed up and made some wonderful decorations and cakes for the event. A big thank you for the invite, and for all the hard work from the teachers, school staff, parents and volunteers who contributed to this wonderful party afternoon”.

Privacy Policy

I am the MP for North Tyneside Constituency. As your MP, it is important that I and my office can keep in touch with constituents about my work, take up casework on their behalf and ask for views on local issues.

As a Labour MP I also have access to other information which I or my office, or volunteers working with me, will use for campaigning purposes or for communicating with Labour Party members.  In respect of that information, the Labour Party is the data controller, and you should consult their privacy policy ( ) for details of what information they hold, why, and how they use and process that information.

This page explains how I collect and use personal data, the legal basis for doing so and provides information about your rights in respect of your personal data for which I am the data controller.

My responsible officer for data protection can be contacted at

Read the full Privacy Policy

A Cuppa to Combat Breast Cancer

Mary is urging local people to organise a cuppa for their friends, family and work colleagues to help raise funds for the charity Breast Cancer Care..

Mary said: “Breast cancer is the most common cancer with 62,000 women and men diagnosed each year, or more than a thousand every week. The charity provides vital and free support services to those who need them but needs funds. Anyone who can lend a hand should sign up on the Breast Cancer Care website, set a date, invite your friends round for some tea and sandwiches, and raise some money. Just put the kettle on and help someone with breast cancer.”

For more information about the Afternoon Tea summer fundraising
campaign, please visit:

About Breast Cancer Care

Breast Cancer Care is the only specialist UK wide charity providing support for women, men, family and friends affected by breast cancer. We’ve been caring for them, supporting them, and campaigning on their behalf since 1973.

Today, we continue to offer a unique range of support including reliable information, one-to-one support over the phone and online from nurses and people who’ve been there. We also offer local group
support across the UK.

From the moment someone notices something isn’t right, through to their treatment and beyond, we’re there to help people affected by breast cancer feel more in control.

"Barbaric killing of wildlife in the name of so-called sport despoils our countryside due to legal loopholes that should be plugged,"
according to a Tyneside MP.

Mary has backed a League Against Cruel Sports petition exposing ‘trail’ hunting that seeks to evade bans on packs of hounds chasing and killing foxes, deer, hares and mink.

Mary Glindon said: "The League say that trail hunting is a deception, genuine trails are rarely laid, and looks very similar to pre-ban activity, but when foxes and other wildlife are chased and killed, the hunts claim it is accidental. Hunting laws should be made tougher to prevent trail hunting and other false alibis designed to circumvent the law."

League representative Chris Luffingham said: “The majority of people back the ban on hunting and they’re becoming wise to trail hunting.

The hunts might claim it’s a legal activity, but the evidence tells a different story. Hounds are being caught trespassing, foxes are being killed, and even people’s pets are being chased and killed. This isn’t trail hunting, this is abhorrent behaviour passed off as a bit of ‘fun’ and it shouldn’t be allowed to continue.”.

85% of the public still back the ban on fox hunting, and opposition to legalising deer hunting, hare hunting and coursing is even higher. The League is encouraging the public to sign their petition titled ‘stop the killing of animals by hunts in the UK’ here.

Time to Try a Healthy Hobby!

Looking for a healthy hobby? Have a think about bowls. Yes, I know it's often wrongly seen as the preserve of older people but take a look at bowls competitions and you'll find many younger people. And both men and women.

The North Tyneside Mayor Norma Redfern, councillors and I recently attended the Forest Hall Bowling Club's Open Day at Springfield Park.
They looked as if they were enjoying themselves and getting some exercise too.

The Club hopes to further increase its membership particularly in its Ladies' section. They ran a successful membership recruitment drive last year and now have enough women members to rejoin the Collins and Shipley Ladies League which plays matches at 2pm every Wednesday, home and away.

The Club also enters several men’s and mixed leagues. They currently only have one junior member and are looking for more young members to join their band of 40 men and 20 women.

The annual full membership fee is £45, there is a reduced fee of £25 for the first year for new members, and the junior fee is £10.

Novices can try it out for free. You can call into the Club, or phone 0191 2681669. There is a taster session at 11am on 2 June. No experience or equipment required, just flat shoes, and you'll get free instruction if you bowl up.

Bowling is enjoyable, social, rewarding, healthy, and satisfying while the Club enjoys a beautiful setting in Springfield Park.



MPs have debated many issues in the Houses of Parliament. Now Mary is amongst a group of parliamentarians calling for Parliament to set an example nationwide by opening their doors to vaping in one of the most iconic buildings in the world. 

Mary joined a number of MPs and members of the House of Lords, led by Mark Pawsey MP for Rugby and Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for E-Cigarettes, outside the Houses of Parliament to make their call. It formed part of the launch of VApril, a nationwide campaign being fronted by TV doctor, Dr Christian Jessen to encourage the UK’s 7m smokers to switch to vaping, which is now seen as one of the best ways to break the smoking habit.

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Every school should have a defibrillator within the next two years according to Mary

Mary said: "600 young people die every year, or about twelve each week, from Sudden Cardiac Arrest and about half of them die at school. A defibrillator on site is vital. The chances of survival are slashed by 10% every minute while defibrillators can increase survival rates by a massive 75%.

Mary, who has become a Defibrillator Champion for North Tyneside, added: "This is a very simple ask. It doesn't cost much money and can save lives of young people and teachers and the misery and loss for too many families. I am impressed with the campaign set up by the Oliver King Foundation, which was set up following the death of 12-year-old Oliver from a sudden cardiac arrest at school. A defibrillator could have saved Oliver’s life."

Oliver's father, Mark King, said: “For the last six years, I’ve driven across the country delivering over 2,000 defibrillators. The Foundation has provided first aid training to over 22,000 people. I miss my son every day, I’m determined that no other family has to suffer the same loss. I won’t rest until every school has access to a defibrillator by the time Oliver would have been 21, in 2020.”

Mary has got her hat on for charity

Local people have been given a hat tip by Mary who is asking people to don a hat this Thursday (29 March).

Mary said: "I am wearing a hat this Thursday as part of a campaign by the Brain Tumour Research charity to highlight the devastating consequences of brain tumours and to help fund life-saving research."

Mary added: "Of course, this is a gimmick but it is a deadly serious cause and can do much to illustrate the need for more resources to tackle brain cancer. Brain tumours kill more children and adults under 40 than any other cancer. They kill more children than leukaemia. They kill more men under 45 than prostate cancer. They kill more women under 35 than breast cancer. Wearing a hat to make this a bigger issue is a no-brainer in these circumstances. I hope people in
North Tyneside will wear a hat like me for Wear A Hat Day and spread the word on social media using #WearAHatDay with a selfie of their hat.

Just 1% of the national spend on cancer research has been allocated to this devastating disease. In the UK 16,000 people each year are diagnosed with a brain tumour. Less than 20% of those diagnosed with a brain tumour survive beyond five years compared with an average of 50% across all cancers. Incidences of, and deaths from, brain tumours are increasing.

Wear A Hat Day has raised over a million pounds since it was launched by the charity Brain Tumour Research nine years ago and is the culmination of Brain Tumour Awareness Month in March. The big day will see schools, workplaces, families and individuals across the UK fundraising and taking part in fun events to raise awareness of brain tumours and help

To get involved, or donate, please visit: Or text HAT to 70660 to donate £5


Mary and Fay Ripley help launch Marie Curie’s Great Daffodil Appeal

Mary and Cold Feet actress Fay Ripley have joined forces this March to help Marie Curie provide care and support to more people living with a terminal illness.

[MP first name] and long-term Marie Curie supporter Fay were pictured together with Marie Curie Nurses, Victoria Shodeko and Victoria Oluwalogbon, at a parliamentary event held this week to celebrate the launch of the Great Daffodil Appeal, Marie Curie’s biggest annual fundraising campaign.

From March 1, Marie Curie’s daffodil pins will be available from volunteers and shops on high streets across North Tyneside.  With demand for Marie Curie services growing, as more people die each year, the charity hopes that this March, more people than ever will give a donation and wear the iconic yellow flower.

The money raised will help the charity be there for more people living with any terminal illness, providing them and their loved ones with vital care and support at the most difficult time of their lives.

Mary pledged her support to the appeal and is encouraging local people to help the charity raise more money than ever before by simply giving a donation and wearing a Marie Curie daffodil pin.


Do you have what it takes to join a new generation of world leaders? asks Mary.

Mary is urging young people in North Tyneside who are interested in leadership and making a difference, to apply for an international scheme run by the British Council.

Future Leaders Connect, a programme run by the British Council, the UK’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities, is open to all young people aged 18-35 and will see ten representatives from the UK join 40 others from eleven different countries.  

Successful applicants will be invited to take part in public events, pitching the policy ideas they feel could change the world for the better and discussing today’s biggest global challenges.

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Mary pledges to protect the planet for Earth Hour 2018

Mary has pledged to make the planet their priority ahead of WWF’s Earth Hour, the world’s largest event to protect the planet.

Taking place at 8:30-9:30pm on Saturday 24 March, the event is the world’s largest show of support for our planet. Lights around the world will go out for the hour, from the Taj Mahal to Buckingham Palace, as well as hundreds of millions of people around the world. In the UK alone, more than eight million people and 300 landmarks, including The Shard, Edinburgh Castle and Carnaby Street, are expected to participate.

WWF is calling on politicians to show their commitment to tackling key environmental issues such as restoring wildlife, acting on climate change and ending plastic pollution by joining in and making a pledge. Today Mary joined the call.

This year WWF’s Earth Hour is also calling on people to make a #PromiseForThePlanet – a simple lifestyle change that combined with thousands of other pledges can make a big difference.  The promises include refusing plastic cutlery, switching to a green energy provider and reducing the amount of meat you eat by becoming a flexitarian.

Mary said: “WWF’s Earth Hour provides an opportunity to raise awareness of some of the biggest environmental challenges facing our generation. I hope by making this promise today that I can encourage others to make a pledge too. Together we can make a difference.”

Tony Juniper, executive director of campaigns at WWF said:

“Much of the wildlife we love is being seriously threatened by the pressures we put on our planet, including the effects of climate change, pollution, deforestation and generally living beyond the Earth’s means.

“We’re delighted to see MPs from across the UK give their support to Earth Hour and make a pledge to protect the planet. We hope they will inspire many others in their constituencies and communities to make a promise of their own.” 


Helping to Fight Invisable Illnesses

"Invisible illnesses" can be as devastating as recognised ones but do
not receive the attention they need, according to Mary.

Mary, who recently met campaigners and experts at the Commons, said" they told me about Fibromyalgia, a chronic condition that causes pain all over the body, fatigue, muscle stiffness, difficulty sleeping, mental problems, headaches and Irritable Bowel Syndrome."

Mary added: "the trouble is that many Fibromyalgia sufferers are not recognised as having a disability and also that diagnosis can be low and late. Yet their pain is as real as recognised illnesses. I am backing Fibromyalgia Awareness UK's efforts to raise awareness, get
it recognised in our disability laws, and encourage more funding to improve diagnosis and treatment. It's estimated that 1 in every 25 people may suffer from Fibromyalgia."

A supportive petition is at

Mary Backs Campaign to Stop Elephant Slaughter

Calls for a UK ivory ban to help protect elephants from further slaughter for the illegal and inhumane ivory trade have been backed by Mary

Mary, who attended a major event in the Commons which displayed tusks and parts of tusks from a herd of 30 elephants, said: "the poaching crisis is a stain on humanity and is pushing an iconic species to extinction. The UK wants to be a world leader in tackling the illegal wildlife trade and tough laws can end UK ivory markets once and for all. Time is running out for elephants and we must act now before it is too late."

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Mary supports Cancer Research UK this World Cancer Day


Mary attended an event in Parliament last week (Thursday 1 February) to show her support for Cancer Research UK this World Cancer Day, Sunday 4 February, 2018.

Mary met with Cancer Research UK researchers and ambassadors at the event, learning about the charity’s life-saving research and how international collaboration is vital in beating the disease sooner.

Cancer Research UK called on men, women and children to make a donation for a Unity Band and wear it with pride.

The Unity Band features a classic reef knot design to symbolise the strength of people coming together to unite against cancer.

The bands are available in all Cancer Research UK stores for a suggested donation of £2. The designs come in three different colours – pink, navy and blue - and can be worn in memory of a loved one, to celebrate people who’ve overcome the disease or in support of those going through treatment.

Money raised through Unity Band donations will help fund more research, more treatments and more cures – ultimately helping to save more lives.

Marked on February 4, World Cancer Day is designed to raise awareness of cancer and to promote its prevention, detection and treatment.

One in two people born after 1960 in the UK will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lifetime and although survival has doubled since the early 1970s, Cancer Research UK needs everyone to act right now to help speed up progress and see more people survive the disease.

Mary said: “I’m calling on people in North Tyneside to join me by wearing a Cancer Research UK Unity Band and spreading the word on social media in support of World Cancer Day by using the hashtag #UnityBand

“Whatever your motivation – to remember a loved one, celebrate people who have overcome the disease, or to rally in support of those going through treatment - World Cancer Day is a chance to get involved and transform the lives of millions of people who are affected by cancer.”

Mary is backing for Suzy Lamplugh Trust campaign for national minimum standards in taxi and private hire licensing

A new campaign urging national minimum standards for taxi and private
hire licensing has been launched at the Commons by the respected
personal safety charity, Suzy Lamplugh Trust.

North Tyneside MP Mary Glindon said "evidence shows that taxi and
private hire licences are being granted to drivers with criminal
convictions including violent offences. The lack of national minimum
standards to enforce sufficient safety checks compromises public

Mary Glindon added: "All taxi and private hire drivers must be
rigorously checked wherever they live in the country. Everyone who
uses a taxi or private hire vehicle should be confident that their
driver has been appropriately vetted, and that they will reach their
destination safely."

More information on the ‘Steering towards safety’ campaign and report can be found at

Mary backs fight for fast access to life-saving treatments

People with devastating muscle-wasting conditions need faster access to life-saving treatments, according to the Muscular Dystrophy charity.

Mary, who hosted the charity’s inaugural lFast Track event for people with muscular dystrophy, parliamentarians, pharmaceutical industry representatives, and the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, said: "we heard how lengthy and unnecessary delays to the drug approval process endangers lives. The NHS needs more powers to negotiate good deals with pharmaceutical companies, streamline access to treatments, and early access schemes, which bring treatments to patients faster."

Mary, who also chairs the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Muscular Dystrophy, added: "Meeting those affected by this cruel condition really hit home just urgent is the need to get life-changing treatments to families. As muscle-wasting conditions progress rapidly, people with muscular dystrophy need rapid access to breakthrough drugs."

Nic Bungay, Director of Campaigns, Care and Information at Muscular Dystrophy UK, said: “For people with muscle-wasting conditions, every day counts. Time and again we’ve seen how the UK lags behind other countries in Europe when it comes to getting life-saving treatments to patients as quickly as possible. With new treatments for muscular dystrophy on the horizon, we must tackle the barriers that prevent them getting to patients. We’re delighted to have Mary backing our campaign.”

Last week, people with the devastating muscle-wasting condition Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) were given fresh hope with the announcement of a scheme which could give them access to vital treatment earlier than expected. The scheme would give families access to Spinraza – the first and only treatment for SMA – while it is being assessed for funding on the NHS by NICE. For babies with the most severe SMA type, life expectancy without access to the drug is rarely more than two years. However, the interim scheme does not guarantee access to treatment in the long term.

The charity is warning that with more rare disease drugs like Spinraza reaching the market, patients will face agonising waits to access them without urgent reform to the drug approval process.

For more information on the campaign, visit

Mary signs Holocaust Educational Trust Book of Commitment 


This week Mary signed the Holocaust Educational Trust’s Book of Commitment, in doing so pledging her commitment to Holocaust Memorial Day and honouring those who were murdered during the Holocaust as well as paying tribute to the extraordinary Holocaust survivors who work tirelessly to educate young people today.

Saturday 27th January will mark the anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi concentration and death camp Auschwitz-Birkenau, the site of the largest mass murder in history.

In the lead up to and on Holocaust Memorial Day, thousands of commemorative events will be arranged by schools, faith groups and community organisations across the country, remembering all the victims of the Holocaust and subsequent genocides. The theme for this year’s commemorations is ‘The power of words’.

Mary said:

“Holocaust Memorial Day is an important opportunity for people from North Tyneside and across the country to reflect on the tragic events of the Holocaust. As the Holocaust moves from living history, to just history, it becomes ever more important that we take the time to remember the victims and also pay tribute to the survivors. I would encourage my constituents to show their support for such an important day.”

Karen Pollock MBE, Chief Executive of the Holocaust Educational Trust, said:

“The Holocaust did not start in the gas chambers but with hate filled words. Our mission is to educate young people from every background about the Holocaust and its contemporary relevance. We are very grateful to Mary for signing the Book of Commitment, signalling a continued commitment to remembering the victims of the Holocaust as well as challenging antisemitism, prejudice and bigotry in all its forms.”

Mary attends Parkinson's UK Charity event

The 200th anniversary this month of the original diagnosis of Parkinson's disease has sparked calls for more clinical trials to help find better treatments and a cure in years not decades.

Mary, who attended a Parliamentary event organised by the Parkinson's UK charity, said: 'Parkinson’s is a terrible degenerative neurological condition that affects one in 500 people in North Tyneside, which means many know it directly and indirectly. It robs people of their independence and causes debilitating symptoms such as insomnia, depression, and hallucinations.'

Mary added: 'We need more research, improved services, andempowering people with Parkinson’s to take control so they can turn their lives around. It's one of those diseases that can hit anyone and society should do more to beat it, as we have with other diseases.'

Nearly 130,000 people have Parkinson's nationwide. There is no cure
and current medication can’t stop the condition from progressing. A ground-breaking inquiry by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Parkinson’s into access to timely and appropriate mental health support will report next Spring.

Parkinson’s UK Chief Executive Steve Ford said: 'With 2017 marking such a significant anniversary for us, we wanted to reflect on what we have achieved and what we have yet to do in order to improve the lives of everybody affected by Parkinson’s, but we can’t do this alone.'

Mary stands up for faith and freedom on #RedWednesday

On 22 November, Mary attended the #RedWednesday parliamentary event hosted by Aid to the Church in Need (ACN), in partnership with Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW), to stand up for faith and freedom around the world.

For the second year running, the Houses of Parliament in Westminster floodlit red in support of #RedWednesday, the initiative which calls on people to shine a light on persecution and stand up for faith and freedom.

Lambeth Palace and ten UK cathedrals also pledged to floodlight red, including London’s Westminster Cathedral and others in Ayr, Edinburgh, Paisley, Birmingham, Norwich, Wrexham, Derry and Armagh.

At the Parliamentary event on 22 November, Members of the House of Commons and Peers from the House of Lords heard about the plight of Christians who are persecuted for their faith worldwide and the important role they play in encouraging the Government to promote and protect the freedom of religion or belief globally.

Mary  said: “I was pleased to attend the #RedWednesday parliamentary event with ACN and CSW. As buildings throughout the country, including the Houses of Parliament, shine a light on persecution around the world by lighting red on 22 November, I am proud to show my support for this important cause and stand up for faith and freedom in Parliament.”

Mary Supports Votes at 16

I support lowering the voting age to 16 as I believe this will help energise and engage young people and ensure their voices are heard. I also believe votes at 16 would strengthen our democracy and open it up to a new generation - as was quite clearly borne out in the Scottish Independence Referendum, where more than 100,000 16 and 17 year olds registered to vote and 75% of those registered voted. 

At 16, you are eligible to pay tax, get married or even join the army. I therefore believe that 16 and 17 year olds deserve a vote and at the 2017 General Election I stood on a manifesto which committed to reduce the voting age to 16. I also believe that extending the franchise should be accompanied by improved citizenship education because this is an important way to ensure young people are engaged and informed in the political process

Mary Supports the Global Blanket Petition.

Mary Glindon MP, Alan Campbell MP, and North East Soroptimists recently presented their Global Blanket on Anti-Slavery Day to  No.10 Downing Street.

The Global Blanket petition aims to draw awareness of the trafficking of women and girls in making clothes for the fashion industry.  It is hoped the international campaign will attract a million signatures by 2019.

To join the campaign, please follow this link below:-


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